Data protection and security


Careful processing of personal data in compliance with the applicable legislation is a key prerequisite for S Group’s activities and part of responsible business operations. Below, we explain in more detail how we process your personal data in the online grocery store. You can also find more information on the processing of personal data on our data protection website.

Data controllers

The online grocery store is implemented by SOK Corporation. You can find information on the processing of personal data by SOK as the data controller in the Privacy Policy for S Group’s co-op member and customer register.

For online store deliveries, the data controller responsible for the processing of your personal data is the cooperative which delivers your order. You can find the contact information and privacy policies of our cooperatives on this page: Grocery and online store pick-ups and deliveries

Processing of your personal data

We process your personal data so that we can implement our online store and deliver the products you order through it to you as agreed. If you allow the use of location information, we can show pick-up points and stores near you on a map without you having to fill in the location by hand. Location is determined based on multiple sources such as your IP address, nearby Wi-Fi access points and GPS data. We do not use location information for any other purposes. You can withdraw your consent for the use of location at any time.

In addition, we can show you product recommendations based on products you have clicked or your earlier shopping history, for example. In this case, search results will include products that are likely to interest you. For example, you could be shown oat milk products at the top of the search results if you have bought them earlier instead of regular milk products. When you are logged in, you can also mark products as your favourites and save your shopping lists. We thus aim to make the use of the online store as easy for you as possible. We do not use the data for any other purposes.

Your possibilities to influence the processing

It is important to us that you have the opportunity to influence the processing of your personal data. Without processing your personal data, we cannot fulfil an agreement on online store deliveries or product deliveries. However, for example, you can:

  • As a co-op member, prohibit the processing of product-level shopping data and the use of personal data for analytics and profiling, after which we will not show you any product recommendations based on your shopping history. As a co-op member, you can set the prohibitions by logging in to the website for your own data (Oma S-kanava).
  • Withdraw your location consent in your browser or device settings. For example, in the Chrome browser, the options can be found under Settings / Privacy and Security, in the Edge browser, under Settings / Site Permissions and in the Firefox browser, under Settings / Privacy & Security.
  • Access the data stored about you. In the first place, you can send a request to access your data by logging in to the website for your own data (Oma S-kanava). If you are not an S Group co-op member, you can make a request using an online form here. You can see products that you have marked as your favourites when you log in to the online grocery store.

You can find more information about your rights on S Group’s data protection website. For questions related to the processing of personal data at S Group, you can also contact the S Group data protection officer at tietosuojavastaava@sok.fi.


Never share any URL addresses related to your own S user account or orders to third parties.