For New Customers

Hello and welcome to S-kaupat! On this page, we have collected instructions on how to make your daily life easier by ordering groceries conveniently from the comfort of your couch.

When you arrive in the online shop for the first time, we recommend exploring the shop and making selections at your leisure. The most essential functions are located at the top of the page, and your shopping cart is shown on the right.

This is the most convenient way of proceeding in the shop:

1. Sign into S-kaupat with the S user account

We recommend you start purchasing by signing into the service. If you do not yet have an S user account, you can create it here or in the upper right corner of the page by clicking on the icon resembling a human shape and then the “Create S user account” button.

When you are signed in, you receive a bonus for your purchases, and the orders you have placed at S-kaupat are recorded in your order history.

You can also place an order without signing in, but then no bonus is accrued from your purchases.

2. Select home delivery or pick-up as the delivery method

You can select the delivery method on the top right.

If you add the first product to your shopping cart before selecting the delivery method, you can only continue adding products after having selected the delivery method most suitable to you. We do this in order to be able to show all shops serving you and the correct product range.

3. Next, select the shop you want

In this way, you see just the product range available in your shop.

4. Select a suitable delivery time or continue shopping.

Next, you can preselect the delivery time you want or move directly to do some shopping. You can select the delivery time at any time in the upper right corner of the page.

5. Fill your cart with products

You can conveniently find the entire product range of the online shop in the “Products” menu. You can also search for products using a direct search. You can add the desired quantity of products to your shopping cart with the “+”- and “–” buttons. At this stage, you should pay attention to whether you are selecting pieces or kilogrammes, as this varies by product.

6. Tell us about your wishes and whether products can be replaced

You can decide whether to allow us to replace products in case a product is out of stock at the shop. You can allow or disallow the replacement of all products or make a separate decision for each product.

You can also leave product-specific wishes or comments for the collector. For example, “small tomatoes”, “light yellow bananas” or “may be replaced only with domestic products”.

7. Review your order and go to check-out

By pressing the “Continue to the order” button in the lower right bottom of the page you can return to review the contents of your shopping cart and to add comments. If you need to modify your order later, you can do it even after sending the order.

Next, you can go to check-out where you can fill in your contact information and select whether you are a private or a corporate customer.

If you have not yet selected the delivery time, do it now at the latest. The actual delivery time becomes more precise during the delivery date, and we will notify you of this by text message or e-mail.

8. Select the payment method

The available payment methods may vary according to the shop you have selected. You can always pay for your order by cardt online. In some shops, you can also pay for the order upon delivery. In addition, corporate customers have the option of invoicing.

Once you have selected and saved the payment method, you can move from check-out to the payment stage by pressing “Go to payment information”. We direct you to fill in your payment card information.

You can pay for your order with a debit or credit card. If you are using a combi-card, you will find the number of the bank card and the CVC security code on the reverse of the card.

The validity of the payment card is checked at the order stage. The final charge is made only when the products have been collected.

A new authentication version has been put in place in online payments. Due to the new version, strong authentication is no longer necessarily done in connection with each order. The bank always decides on the necessity of identification for the purchase transaction in question.

9. Place the order – you can modify your order up to the time indicated in the order confirmation

After placing the order, you arrive on the confirmation page through which you can modify your order. You can add or remove products, change the delivery time or, if necessary, even cancel the entire order.

You can modify or cancel your order up to the time indicated in the order confirmation. You can get to modify the order directly from the order confirmation page, from the “Orders” page, if you are logged in, or through the order confirmation message sent to your e-mail.

If you make changes to your order, remember to confirm them by going to check-out and pressing “Save order modifications”.

When you want to place a new order, you can conveniently copy the same shopping list directly into the shopping card with the “Place a new order with this shopping list” button and use it as a templet for the new order. When you are logged in, you can also use your older orders as templets for a new order via the order history.

We wish you a pleasant experience!